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Get Organized
/ Per month
- Monthly GAAP close (bookkeeping)
- Financial statement reporting
- Implementation of finance automation tools
- CPM business intelligence dashboard
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Get Funded
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Get Organized tier + the following:
- Financial forecasting & planning
- Monthly budget vs. actual analysis
- Fundraising model with 3-5 year plan
- SaaS metric development
- Unit economics and KPI reporting
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The CFO Plan
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Get Funded tier + the following:
- Full fractional CFO
- BOD meeting prep and participation
- Investor reporting and communication
- Cap table ownership and management
- Audit management
- Tax compliance management
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Why should we consider hiring someone for finance and account work?

Running a business is hard. Funding it is really hard. And neither can be done well without a strong financial backbone. Having a finance professional stand up a reliable accounting and reporting system and watching that part of the shop on a regular basis frees you up to focus on the rest of the business. And accurate, high quality analysis drives better decisions around spend, runway, pricing, etc. Time is everything. Don’t waste it closing the books.

I already have a bookkeeper; why do I need CPM?

Bookkeepers are great for pre-Seed companies that want to get organized, pay their bills on time and see how much cash is coming in and going out. But as your business evolves — especially as you start to interact with investors for Seed rounds and above — the caliber of your analysis needs to move from cash-basis accounting to accrual based reporting that produces actionable business intelligence. You need it to run the business and investors expect it during diligence.

How does pricing work?

All plans are based on an annual subscription model with fees billed monthly. We offer a 10% discount to clients who pay the full annual cost up front.

Do you charge any up front fees?

Yes. We charge a one-time onboarding fee of $1,500. This covers historical cleanup,general ledger review and redesign if necessary and onboarding to best-in-class technology tools. This is typically complete in the first few weeks.

What kind of support can I expect?

Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t limit the amount of time you can reach out to any of our team members. Our goal is to be a true partner and we don’t think partners should be watching the clock.

How do we get started?

Our favorite question! Click here or up above to schedule a strategy session with our founder to discuss your company and how we can help professionalize your finance and accounting shop.


Questions on how we can help you build a scalable finance function? Get in touch here!

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CPM helps early stage (Seed to Series B) startups prepare for and manage fundraising, regularly report on operational performance and communicate with investors by building and managing a professional finance function. Let us be your finance department before you need a finance department!

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