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Understand Unit Economics… Understand Scale (Part 1)

The financial aspects of fundraising diligence are exhaustive. Historical financials, pro forma financials, use of funds analysis, waterfalls, etc. Investors go deep to support a case for […]

Why Cash Is…and Always Will Be King

For high-growth startups, the rules of business are different: work at breakneck speed to turn an idea into a product that solves a problem and scale that […]

5 Steps to Being “Diligence Ready”?

A typical fundraising process goes something like this: founders decide they need to raise outside capital to continue investing in growth. They speak informally with current investors […]

How to Run a BOD Meeting (for your VC-backed startup)

Raising venture capital is a big deal. It means you’ve excited outside investors into risking their capital to help you solve a big problem. New funding frees […]

5 Steps to Setting up Your Startup Accounting System

Launching a business is hard. The problems are endless. You have an idea, a set of wireframes, maybe an alpha-version product, but no customers and no money. […]

When Cash Basis Accounting No Longer Cuts It

Although accounting is generally regarded as a back-office function, it’s closely tied to the growth of your startup. Accounting produces the financial reporting that every leader needs […]